Thursday, April 24, 2008

Recycling bins for work...

Today I went and picked up 12 of these from Office Depot. I took them to my office and put them in everyones offices and in all the meeting rooms. I paid for this out of my own pocket because I want everyone at work to take full advantage of the 8 Yard container that a local company is suppling us for free. I have wrote about this before, but the short of the story is, I found a local company that recycles paper to make insulation material for homes. They are willing to supply us with a container and pick it up every week. This is great because all the waste disposal companies in town want to charge us money to recycle and this local company has agreed to do all of this for free.

Recycle bin

Cool stuff. I will be updating my companies website soon to include a We Recycle link.
Feel free to share with us your recycling stories.

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ercy said...

i applaud what you have done...both with CMC and with setting up your co-workers with recycle containers. it's inspired me to start thinking about doing the same at my workplace. i've set up a recycling station for paper, returnables, non-returnables, and bags, but find that most people do not want to get up from their desks to put paper in a recycle bin that's in another room. maybe the desk-side bins will help the problem.