Saturday, September 12, 2009

Eat Local - Part 2

Lately I've come across more and more articles on eating locally grown food, so I thought I'd share a few of them.

Mother Earth News just posted a new article on eating locally grown food all year long. It includes tips on canning, drying, and extending the growing period. I had a late start with my garden this year, but am getting a lot of tomatoes, peas, and herbs towards the end of this growing season.

The Daily Green published four steps to a local menu and 10 Visionaries Delivering Local, Organic, and Healthy Foods.

For those of you living in Colorado, Kansas City, Michigan, and in the East, check out Door to Door Organics. I plan to sign up for this! You can select boxes of locally grown organic fruits, veggies, or both to be delivered to your home or workplace. Each week's selections vary - I think this is great because, as a friend of mine mentioned, it gives buyers an opportunity to learn how to cook with different ingredients.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Eat Local

I'm not a Canadian but I thought this was a pretty cool and eye opening video:

Hellmann’s - It’s Time for Real from CRUSH on Vimeo.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SOCRRA Recycling 101 Workshop, July 9, 630p at REI

SOCCRA, the organization which handles the recycling program in Troy and surrounding communities, is holding a "Free Recycling 101 Workshop" tomorrow, Thursday, July 9, 630-730p at REI in Troy, MI. REI is located on the southwest corner of Big Beaver and Rochester (766 E. Big Beaver Road, in the same plaza as Burger King, PetSmart, Nordstrom Rack, & LA Fitness). The workshop will explain what we can recycle, how we can make better decisions before purchasing a product, and how to handle the disposal of items such as paint, pesticides, televisions, old computers, medicine, etc.

766 E. Big Beaver Road (west of Rochester Rd)
Thursday, July 9
No reservations needed - just show up


There are a lot of recyclable items which are being thrown out in the trash and it is actually costing the SOCRRA community (Berkley, Beverly Hills, Birmingham, Clawson, Ferndale, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Lathrup Village, Oak Park, Pleasant Ridge, Royal Oak, and Troy, MI) almost $3 million per year. 37,000 tons (74 million pounds) of recyclable materials are being thrown in the trash which is a huge shame - and a big waste of taxpayer dollars because we are paying a cost to put these items in a landfill. The more you recycle, the more we all save on our taxes. And I agree with a neighbor of mine who sent a note to other neighbors a while back about the papers blowing around our streets - it's much better to retrieve them and put them in your recycling bin than to see them making a mess.

There are so many items we can recycle, including:
Plastic hangers
Drink/Juice boxes
Glass bottles & jars
Milk cartons
Paper cups
All plastic containers

For a complete, 2-page list:


A few weeks ago, I took my old microwave, old paint cans, old computer monitor, and other potentially hazardous waste to the SOCRRA center on 14 mile and Coolidge. It took less than 10 minutes to drop off the items. And what a relief it was to know that all of those plastic bags I've accumulated will be recycled into other items instead of going into the landfill - and it saves taxpayer dollars. It was wonderful to see children there with their parents dropping off items - they are learning to help save our earth for generations to come.

I hope the workshop and this information will help inspire people to recycle, keep our community clean, and oh, did I mention something about saving taxpayer dollars?


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happy earth day!

Happy Earth Day to all!
In celebration of Earth Day 2009, many businesses have green offers available today only. Let's show them that we care by participating in these offers, encouraging the green revolution! Here are a few links a friend sent to me today.

Get a free roll of Reynolds recycled alum foil – today only:

Free reusable tote at Walgreens with purchase (must print coupon)

At the Disney stores, free gift for bringing in three plastic water bottles:

Free Ecosmart CFL bulb today!

Happy Earth Day - and don't forget that Arbor Day is just around the corner.


Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth day.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Interesting gas use

I ran across this and had to re-blog it.

Found Here


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bamboo Mountain bike...

So how cool is this:

Craig Calfee designed the bamboo bike as a publicity stunt in 1995, Craig's bamboo errand bike evolves into a well-tested new model for the general public. 12 Bamboo bikes had been built for employees, relatives and friends. The feedback on the smooth ride quality was too good to ignore, so they decided to go into production.

You can check out Craig's site Here.

Talk about making the most out of nature. It is too bad that the price tag is $2700.

Photo: James Merithew/


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome 2009. A recap of 2008

It is amazing how time eases by us minute after minute, day after day, and year after year. Sometimes if you are not paying close attention to things they can pass right on by. 2008 was a busy year with loads of interesting events happened in our world. Here are a few very cool things that I was able to accomplish in 2008 that were CMC related:

1. I was able to recycle all of my household paper in 2008, including all my mail, all my packaging boxes - from food items to household product packaging - everything cardboard. I also recycled all plastic items, glass items, and aluminum.

2. I was able to set up recycling for both of the offices that I work at. Not only do they now recycle all the paper in the office but all of the cardboard shipping boxes that come in to our warehouse as well. Literally several tons a month of cardboard and paper. I was able to arrange containers and removal and save several hundred dollars a year in waste management costs for the company. Very cool.

3. I was able to cut my electricity usage by almost 20% from the previous year buy unplugging everything when it was not in use. Tv, computer, fax, phone... you would be amazed at home much juice these things can eat up even when they are turned off. I picked one of THESE up and tested everything out in my house. Very cool. If anyone would like to use this just let me know. I would be more than happy to let anyone borrow mine. Only takes a few minutes and you can check out everything in your house.