Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well it is finally here, Earth Day 08. It is good to see all the attention given to the earth today and last few weeks leading up to today. My hope is that some of the people exposed to all of the advertising and promotions surrounding this Earth Day keep it in mind all year. It is so important that we share and learn respect for our planet. Because in all reality how we take care of our earth is nothing more than a reflection of how we take care of our selves.
What I am doing for Earth day is shredding paper. Lots of it. I keep all of my junk mail, receipts, food packaging paperboard, boxes, any and everything you could think of that is paper based. I shred the paper and break down the paper board and cardboards. Stuff it all into large yard garbage bags and drop them off to be recycled. Since starting to do this I have saved a tremendous amount of space in my actual trash bags and only put one or two trash bags out a month. This in addition to all plastics, glass, and aluminum that I also recycle. So keeping it simple this earth day.
Other good news. The company that I contacted to help my office with recycling paper has finally delivered a huge paper dumpster to our office, so now tons and tons of office paper and packaging cardboard will be recycled every year instead of going to the landfill. It will take a while for everyone in the office to get used to not putting paper in the garbage but this is a great start. Also the company ends up saving money as well because there is less garbage and that means less removal. So its a total win win situation.
One by one people will start to see the benefits of thinking green. It saves money, its saves space in the landfills, and its saves in many indirect ways that we normally just do not even think of, Take the story of stuff for example.

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