Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Recycling Day...

Today was recycling day for me. Two large overflowing bags of plastics. And one huge bag of shredded paper and cardboard. In the time that it took to generate these three bags for recycling I only put two bags of garbage out.

Update on my office. The 8 yard container is in place. 12 mini blue recycling bins are all around the office, see last post, and everyone is participating. It was slow at first because a lot of my coworkers have never recycled before. It became natural once they realized that its no more work to put paper in one bin and garbage in the other. It actually worked so well that our office over filled the container outside and we had to call the recycling company to come make a special pick up. * Which is partly just a nice way to say that we had a few bumps with the removal company, but those are all worked out now. The best part about this recycling is that our office was able to go with a smaller sized garbage dumpster, which has cut our waste removal fees dramatically. Which of course makes management happy. This has been a win win situation for everyone. I encourage anyone reading this post to set up recycling at your place of work. On average 43 percent of household garbage is a paper product that can be recycled and as much as 93% of all office waste is paper! Most of this is recyclable. Imagine if every office building had a recycling program. We need to start thinking how to be more efficient with what we do. Cites all over the planet are starting to implement recycling programs for their administration departments. Lets get the corporate world involved. The easiest way to do this is to show them that it saves money to recycle. I am going to keep track and let every one know how much our offices saves in waste removal fees. Maybe this will help to motivate others to join in.

Clean My City is doing well, this month is only half way through and the site has already had more visitors than in April, which was a high traffic month.

Keep it clean.

as it desaturates
"new york city becomes grayer to me as the years go on" theskywatcher

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