Sunday, June 29, 2008

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

recycling paper

It seems that more and more paper recycling program bins are popping up in my neighborhood. It makes me happy to see this because the funds raised are put toward local fundraisers while helping save the earth. Did you know...

...that recycling helps decrease waste disposal by decreasing the volume in landfills?
...that recycling a stack of newspapers just three (3) feet tall will save one tree?

...that one ton of recycled paper used to make newsprint saves: 390 gallons of oil, 4100 kw hours of electricity, 7000 gallons of water, 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space?

For information on how the Abitibi paper recycling process works, visit their site here.


Glass Recycling and more...

Since moving to Houston last year I have been keeping all my glass to recycle once I found where to take it all, Thanks to the Recycling link I was able to find a place right down the street from me. 35 pounds of glass in total, and I was surprised that it wasn't more. I do not really use to many things made of glass so it was mostly pasta sauce jars, planter peanut jars, a few bottles of Stubbs, the best BBQ sauce, some beer bottles and some random other glass containers. My favorite part of recycling glass is the sound it makes when you toss it into the bin and it crashes into all the other glass.

Update on Clean My City: There has been a sharp increase in traffic last month and it is continuing into this month. More than triple the unique visitor traffic, which is awesome. I have decided to open this blog up to the public as well. If you would like to have posting rights on this blog feel free to Contact me.

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Island of Thousands Temple

"As the Island of the thousand temple, Bali become famous not just because the culture, but also the architectural. This is one of famous temple in Bali called Taman Ayun. Placed in Mengwi, near Denpasar - The capital of Bali Island.

Taman Ayun is a unique place with special cultural and historical significance for Hindus in Bali. It occupies a parcel of about 50,000 square meters, and has three main parts, each with a specific purpose. The most sacred ground is a shrine; the other two areas comprise meeting halls. A river, in places full of lotus and water lilies, runs nearby.

The island of Bali has long been characterized in the world as the last "paradise" on earth, a traditional society insulated from the modern world and its vicissitudes, whose inhabitants have exceptional artistic talents and consecrate a considerable amount of time and wealth to sumptuous ceremonies for their own pleasure and that of their gods. Therefore, the relation between the tangible and intangible aspects is a major aspect of the heritage and culture of Bali. The cultural heritage of the island goes way beyond physical structures and landscapes. More than anywhere else on the Indonesian peninsula an intricate connection exists between the built environment, the natural settings and the social and religious life.

Just come and see the beauty of Bali.
I can't guarantee that we can see more in few years later - many government policies not too good for cultural and nature and environmental life in Bali.
With Canon 400D + 10-22mm lens"

Image and description by Myudistira