Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thinking outside of the bin....

From CMCommunity post: Some times we have to take the extra step to recycle. Not every neighborhood or community has recycling available and a lot of us are just too busy or too lazy to take the extra step to make sure we do not waste. When I moved to Houston I found out that the neighborhood that I live in does not offer recycling. But Luckily I live right next to Jersey Village, A small community that does have recycling. Every Wednesday the recycling truck comes through Jersey Village, and as long as you put your paper: Junk mail, magazines, office paper, shredded paper, cardboard, food packaging paper board, receipts, pretty much any kind of paper you could imagine - in a black garbage bag, and all of your plastics and aluminum in a white garbage bag, they will pick it up and recycle it for free. So I called the Jersey Village City Council and asked if I could take part in their recycling. They gave me permission to leave my white and black recycling garbage bags on the front yard of City Hall. Pretty awesome. What you do if you live in Jersey Village is on Wednesday you just put your white and black bags out to the curb like it was trash but instead of the garbage truck its a local company that comes by and picks up the recycling materials. They do this for free because by the ton recyclables are actually worth money. Companies like Waste Management do not want you to know this but yes it actually pays to recycle. I am now in contact with this company that picks up the recycling for Jersey Village and we are meeting up to set up large bins at my work, so that my office can recycle - FOR FREE. This company will actually pay you per ton if you have a lot of materials per month. How cool is that. On the contrast side of things Waste Management wants 95 dollars a month to set up their recycling containers and pick them up.

Today I had three garbage bags of plastic recyclables and one huge garbage bag filled with shredded paper, junk mail, and food packaging paper board.

Spread the word. There are companies that will pick up your recycling for FREE. Because it is worth money. All you have to do is organize enough people or enough materials and these companies will come and pick your recycling up for free and may even pay you. You just have to look around to find these guys.

I will be posting more about this company and sharing their contact info very soon. I am also working on getting my neighborhood on recycling too. Because its FREE and it is crazy to put all this stuff in the landfills when there are people willing to pay to re use it.


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