Saturday, February 16, 2008

magazine matters - going digital

I'm sure we've all noticed the "new" resurgence of the green movement over the past couple of years. The first I recall this movement happening was during the mid- to late-80s. It's great that people are becoming more aware of our earth's issues and it's great to see recycling, fuel efficiency, and other earth-saving solutions being endorsed, however, I truly hope it's not just a fad this time around.

Technology has advanced so much more since the mid-80s and now we have the ability to take in our media fixes in digital format. If you're like me (and if you work in the media industry, you'll know what I mean), you may find it difficult to fully give up reading your favorite magazines. I do still subscribe to two of my favorite magazines, but am willing to compromise by recycling them after I read them. And when I do recycle, I take the magazines to an Abitibi Paper Retriever (recycling container) at my church or at a nearby school. Not only am I recycling, but I am helping raise funds for good local organizations that give back to the community...a cycle in itself!

While it's great that many magazines now have special "green" issues printed on recycled paper with soy ink, it would be best if we could reduce the production of printed matter and save some trees. Here are a few suggestions on how to get your magazine fixes while helping save the earth:

Zinio is an environmentally conscious company offering many domestic and international magazines in digital format.

• Some magazines are offering free online versions of their publications. Organic Style, a wonderful magazine, has just launched their inaugural digital issue. It was produced by the same folks who create greenlight magazine.

• Get a kindle. What's a "kindle?" It's a wireless reading device from Amazon. It's similar to a PDA, but doesn't involve any synching. You can purchase reading material and receive it in less than a minute. Books and newspapers are available and with the kindle, you have access to top blogs as well as Wikipedia.

So go ahead and get your media fix and give some of these earth-friendly solutions a try!

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