Saturday, February 9, 2008

earth day preparation

It's only February, but it's not too early to begin preparing for Earth Day. This year, I plan to give friends, family, and co-workers with a few tools to help them get involved with saving our Earth:

• Tote bag that can be reused for shopping, errands, etc. This will help keep plastic bags from reaching landfills. The bags will contain:
Compact fluorescent light bulb with facts on how much we can save by using them.
• Handmade scratch paper books made from used office scrap paper (photos to come in a later post). These will give used paper another use before being recycled.
• A bamboo item. Bamboo is very strong and sustainable and keeps our trees alive.
• A locally produced item. As I mentioned in my previous post, buying locally produced items decreases our carbon footprints.
• Resources list printed on recycled paper. The list will include links to helpful websites (including CMC of course), environmentally responsible companies, and maybe some examples of how celebrities are helping keep our earth - this is mainly for my co-workers who are really into entertainment gossip.
• A CMC button if Dan will give me a few during my next visit to Houston!
So dear friends, that's my plan! How will you be celebrating Earth Day this year?

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