Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome 2009. A recap of 2008

It is amazing how time eases by us minute after minute, day after day, and year after year. Sometimes if you are not paying close attention to things they can pass right on by. 2008 was a busy year with loads of interesting events happened in our world. Here are a few very cool things that I was able to accomplish in 2008 that were CMC related:

1. I was able to recycle all of my household paper in 2008, including all my mail, all my packaging boxes - from food items to household product packaging - everything cardboard. I also recycled all plastic items, glass items, and aluminum.

2. I was able to set up recycling for both of the offices that I work at. Not only do they now recycle all the paper in the office but all of the cardboard shipping boxes that come in to our warehouse as well. Literally several tons a month of cardboard and paper. I was able to arrange containers and removal and save several hundred dollars a year in waste management costs for the company. Very cool.

3. I was able to cut my electricity usage by almost 20% from the previous year buy unplugging everything when it was not in use. Tv, computer, fax, phone... you would be amazed at home much juice these things can eat up even when they are turned off. I picked one of THESE up and tested everything out in my house. Very cool. If anyone would like to use this just let me know. I would be more than happy to let anyone borrow mine. Only takes a few minutes and you can check out everything in your house.

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ercy said...

nice job! all of those initiatives make a huge difference! i too set up a recycling station at my workplace. there's a place for cardboard, shopping bags (can be reused or recycled), returnable bottles and cans, non-returnable, but recyclable items (soup cans, plastic yogurt containers, etc.). there's also a small bin in each person's office so they can collect items over time and then sort them in the bins all at once.